Hawaii Electric Boat Tours


Champagne and Caviar Cruises

  A luxury guided tour of

the Waikiki Sky Line from the Ocean

Your choice of day time or sunset cruise

Our beautifully appointed Electric boat will silently  glide through the water whilst you relax watching Hawaiian Sea Turtles and the myriad of reef fish that play just an arms length away.

 Enjoy chilled "Veueve Clicquot" Champagne and mouthwatering Caviar

listen to the great all round "Fusion" sound,

 Comfortable seating for up to 6 guests,

with the choice of an enclosed cabin

for protection against the elements,

or open, to let the warm Hawaiian sun shine in 

 Let our USCG certified 100 ton Captain take you on a magical guided "Champagne" tour



Choose from

• Sunset - Champagne and Caviar

       Departing 40 minutes prior to Sunset

      ( see box below for time)

 •Noon - Champagne and Caviar         Departing at 12pm

  549.00 (min 2)              

  54.00 each additional guest (max 6 )      

 Sunset  In Waikiki

 Departure time subject to Sunset

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Welcome to our World of Zero Emissions

Hawaii Electric Boat Tours are the only tour operators in Hawaii 

that are trying to make a difference